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Stephanie Storey engages everyone in the room in her creative journey. She weaves her magic while imparting craft tips which are helpful to all writers.
— Susan Williamson, Program Chair for the Winston-Salem Writers’ Workshop
Stephanie Storey’s expertise brought my writing to the next level... Stephanie’s funny anecdotes and warm heart kept the powerful information at manageable levels. This is not your average writing class. It’s one to write home about.
— Kathryn Culpepper, Attendee/Student

Upcoming Workshops

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Author Coaching

Go beyond a workshop and upgrade to one-on-one coaching with bestselling author, Stephanie Storey

More than one experienced writer told me they learned new things and had “ah ha!” moments during her workshops that impacted and improved their craft. She’s an outstanding teacher and speaker.
— Jenny Ballif, The Las Vegas Writers Conference, Nevada

Some of the schools where Stephanie has taught


The Attic Institute. Portland, Oregon

Grand Junction Writers’ Group, Colorado

Wichita Writers Group, Kansas

Pagosa Springs Writers Group, Colorado

Baldwin Writers Group, Daphne, Alabama

Ohio Writers’ Guild. Denmark on High. Columbus, Ohio

The Writing Barn. Austin, Texas

Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance

Henderson Writers’ Group and the Las Vegas Writing Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada

Red Clay Writers’ Conference in Kennesaw, Georgia

Winston-Salem Writers. Milton. Rhodes Arts Center. Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Village Writing School in Fayetteville, Arkansas


Writing Workshop Topics


Story Lessons from Hollywood - An overview of lessons from art history, screenwriting, acting, directing and how each of these subjects helped me — and can help other writers — craft better stories

Conquering the Novel - Many writers want to write a novel, but they are daunted by how to conquer something so long and unwieldy. This workshop will help writers develop a plan for writing and FINISHING their novel

Narrating Fact: Historical Fiction - Overview of the issues specifically facing Historical Fiction writers: how to organize research, questions of artistic license vs. “fact”, avoiding stilted dialogue while being true to the time period, etc

Acting for Writers - Breaking down lessons from acting to help writers create better dialogue, character action, motivations, and stories. Perfect for any writer who wants to go deeper into character, but who does not want to study acting/get up on stage

The Art of Writing - Lessons from Art and Art History. How the visual arts can teach all of us to tell better stories

Writing with Research - Delves deep into the issues surrounding research — historical or any research — involved in writing fiction or non-fiction. How to organize, choose sources, what to cut to keep the story moving, etc

Stephanie Storey is a vibrant and engaging teaching artist... She gave writers the courage and inspiration to commit to their dream projects and tackle the inevitable challenges that come with writing and editing a book. Stephanie’s unique perspective as a producer enables her to speak candidly about making bold edits and brave character choices while staying true to the author’s voice.
— Claire Campbell, Program Manager at the Writing Barn


Stephanie Storey is a passionate and engaging teacher dedicated to helping her students achieve the next level of success in their writing. Request to have Stephanie teach at your writing group, conference, or school below

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