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Are you struggling with Plot, Research, characters, procrastination, Querying, Publishing, PR, or any other blocks that get in our way as writers?


Stephanie Storey is an empathetic, encouraging, successful novelist who wants to help you achieve your dreams of being a bestselling writer, too.


Stephanie is incredible one-on-one. She was completely invested in making my query letter the best we could with no thought of rushing. At the end of the conference I felt as though Stephanie was a mentor and a friend.
— Angelina Hill
Her understanding of what motivates readers, as evidenced in her own work, makes the difference between an abandoned novel and a beloved one.
— Kathryn Culpepper

Stephanie is a bestselling novelist whose debut novel Oil and Marble was hailed by The New York Times as “tremendously entertaining,” named one of Hudson Booksellers Best Books, has been translated into 6 languages, and is currently in development as a feature film by Pioneer Pictures. Her first novel was not published until she was 41 years old. She wants to encourage you to keep working toward your dreams and not stop until you reach them, too.

When Stephanie Storey speaks, her generosity fills the room. Stephanie’s talent for inspiring new writers to action transformed our casual open mic into a salon of heartfelt encouragement and wise advice. Her approachable style, mentorship, and excellent Q&A responses made a professional contribution beyond expectation.
— Jennifer Dorner, The Attic Institute


One-on-one author coaching is offered remotely — via phone or video conferencing

How Stephanie Can Help You

  • Walk you through preparing your manuscript for submissions, writing your query, and getting representation

  • Provide training on best media practices for authors

  • Explain how to develop relationships with members of the media and garner high-profile press hits

  • Help you develop an actionable communications and marketing plan

  • Show you how to execute a successful book tour

  • Prepare you for interviews or speaking engagements

  • Help you get started with your dream project and develop a plan to finish

  • Talk you through structural issues in your story

  • Teach you new tricks for researching, outlining, revising your manuscript or writing your query

  • Help solve problems with characters, scenes, subplots, dialogue, description

  • Give you advice on finding your narrative voice

  • Inspire you to overcome obstacles and keep writing


And address any other problems you’re having with your writing that you want to discuss with a professional novelist


She gave writers the courage and inspiration to commit to their dream projects and tackle the inevitable challenges that come with writing and editing a book.
— Claire Campbell, The Writing Barn

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